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Types of counselling: by phone, online and face to face

About me

Empowerment is the degree of freedom and self-determination in you to be your true self. Living true to your values and principles. This enables you to change your mind and your life to become a better version of yourself. The person you truly are rather than what others expect you to be. Living your life with personal fulfilment. This is the process of becoming stronger more confident and more authentic. Especially in controlling your life and claiming your rights. If a problem is weighing you down let’s explore it together in this context. The things we allow ourselves to think and feel are just as important as our physical health. What’s been holding you back?

Empowerment as action refers to the process of self-empowerment. This enables you to overcome your sense of powerlessness and lack of influence. We can not go back and erase the past. However, some of our greatest lessons will come from your lived experience. Therefore we use the experience as a link between past and future. Working together to better understand and resolve challenges in your current life.

I can empower you in personal – development and walk alongside you in a loss. It is important that we find compassionate validation in our lived experience before we begin to transform it.

I have helped many clients over the years to find a deeper understanding of themselves and replace negativity with finding more positive ways of increasing personal self-values. Most of my clients have moved on in life empowered enough to never settle for less than fair treatment having established personal boundaries.

The mind is the most powerful tool we have depending on how we feed it. Our performance can only ever be as good as how we empower ourselves to achieve the outcomes we want to see show up in life.

So counselling, at its core, is about building a trusting relationship where a client feels comfortable enough to talk about the difficulties they are experiencing. I am based here in my London office covering the UK by means of online or telephone counselling. As a professional counsellor, you will find me listed with the BACP, Counselling Directory, Psychology Today and Registered Counsellor so you can feel fully confident of ethical service.


I have counselling experience in Bereavement and Divorce and have worked in Addiction Groups

Qualifications and Training

Degree Level to BA (Hons)



Professional membership

BACP :  British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

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