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Practitioners wishing to register with the directory must commit to the following:

1. How this directory works

The directory is funded on an ethically-grounded trust-based model; whereby practitioner voluntary contributions fund the directory's running costs. Your listing in the directory is not dependent on whether, or how much, you contribute. Where income from contributions fails to cover running costs, we may at times host paid advertising.

The aim of this 'contribute what you can' model is to avoid practitioners in the low-cost sector being under-represented to the public.

By clicking on the "I agree" checkbox on the site's registration page you agree:

  • to displaying the details you choose to put in your profile;
  • to co-operating with our checking of those details;
  • to getting messages from us or potential clients related to your being on this site;
  • to responding to those messages promptly and with professionally courtesy; and
  • to committing to the obligations below.

3. Who is eligible

To be eligible for listing, you must be listed online as a counsellor or psychotherapist on a UK Professional Standards Authority accredited register (or in Ireland, the IACP register of accredited practitioners).

Your profile will be displayed in the directory once you have provided documentary evidence of this, or provide a web link to your contact details on that register. You give us your consent to share personal data with your membership or training organisations for the purposes of confirming your identity and confirm that your status in good standing.

Being in clinical placement during training doesn't make you qualified.

You must have a recognised professional ethical code or framework and abide by it in dealing with us and other directory users.

4. Managing and removing your profile

Practitioner profiles are self-managed: you agree to:

  • keep your profile's content promptly up-to-date.
  • set your profile's status to 'hidden' when you're not in practice or do not want to be listed.
  • only submit to the site information that you want to make public.
  • respond promptly and courteously to any messages we send you

You may also request that your details be permanently removed from our records, by emailing us. If you no longer want your data to be displayed on the site, or have any other objection to its processing by us, please contact us via the details given on the site's "contact" page.

5. The limits of our liability

We try to make sure the profiles listed on the site are accurate, but you use it at your own risk.

Our total liability is limited to the amount you have contributed in last 12 months.

You contributions are voluntary and do not constitute part of your contract with us. (Non-contributers have equal rights)

You agree to indemnify us against any claims related to your actions.

6. Cookies

If you register, we will use cookies to manage your account.

These Plain-English T&C apply to those who registered after 13th Aug 2016, amended 13th June 2018, but if you joined before then, you can still choose to follow the original terms under which a fee-waiver request could be made as a part of initial registration.

The current T&C contains minor GDPR-related changes made on 20th Nov 2018, for the security-checking arrangements for new applicants.